outerwear for inner peace

Happiness Within is a venture that is inspired by the journey to find peace, serving as a reminder that happiness is always within your reach. Our contemporary world is founded on the premise of success being measured externally and in times like these we need to remember to look within.


Harry is a service designer who transforms how products and services engage in the physical and digital world. Harry helps businesses connect with their customers in a novel way. With over a decade of experience in visual communication, Harry brings a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to design unique to the coastal cities where he has honed his practice. He brings an urbanist sensibility to an extensive, multidisciplinary body of work that spans architecture, civic engagement, museums, visual art exhibitions, new media, food security, and social enterprise.

Akshay Tyagi

A fashion and textile graduate of NSCAD University, Akshay is a celebrity fashion stylist, creative consultant and costume designer. Akshay’s work in design is exceptionally diverse, ranging from creating hundreds of costume pieces for successful Bollywood films to styling celebrities on and off the red carpet, alongside conceptualising innovative & exploratory editorials. Throughout, he is committed to constantly questioning the cross-cultural influences and dynamics, between the West and East, in both design and cultural histories. His work has been featured in print and online at Vogue India, Vogue Italia, Filmfare, Architectural Digest, Casa Vogue, Travel + Leisure India and Design Milk, to name a few.